363e0afThe other day, someone  complained about getting rear ended quite hard. Immediately, I asked if they had gone to the doctor. The person shrugged and they “might” go after their work shift as they felt okay. I repeated that they really should go see a doctor to make sure.   Once I told them I was an attorney, they joked “Oh you are in it for the money. I have insurance, and I already reported it.”
I chose at that moment not to take it personally  and walked away. I just hoped they got the help soon. Few realize why getting an attorney is important. I chose to practice law not to make money, but to make things fair for aggrieved parties. The reality is that although you pay for Insurance, they are not your friends. They are profit centers, and they will always look to reduce expenses. Moreover, if you have inadequate car and/or medical insurance, you could not be compensated for missed time at work as well not getting proper medical treatment.
It is important to me that people always go to the doctor. Every person reacts differently to accidents. Even if one feels fine, it is best to go to a professional rather than just assume everything is okay. It makes no sense to me why people take the chance of not going.
Trust me, I am not in it for the money but to ensure you don’t regret ignoring your body.