Starting-a-New-BusinessLook I get it. Most people do not think they need lawyers until they really need one, and that is the wrong attitude to have especially in the realm of business. It amazes me to see how many begin new businesses, hire employees, and then ask an attorney about varying issues. California is particularly unforgiving on labor and employee issues.
It is much cheaper to consult with an attorney when you are ready to begin rather than in the middle because time and money are wasted when documents and consents need to redone or be compliant. Moreover, you do not need to have everything seen by an attorney, but there are some fundamentals such as Insurance, Documents and Payroll that every business should be aware of.
Legal consultation needs to be part of the budget and it needn’t be expensive.  Good entrepreneurs know that time and vision are necessary to be successful, yet new ones do not realize the risks they can reduce or absolve if they just speak to an attorney.
At the end of the day, it will always be cheaper to spend money now than defending against a claim. That is not a cost you want to have to bear.