car-accident-2With the new year, come resolutions. What if this year, you take responsibility by getting the best help for your needs? The reality is, that more often than not, most people take what is offered them by insurance companies when involved in a personal injury case.  One of the lessons I tell potential clients is that an accident when you are not the one at fault and the other party has insurance, there is additional compensation available to them which an experienced attorney would know to ask for.
Insurance companies depend on the idea that most people do not get representation, and thus do not have the knowledge or tools to be made whole. Usually, the party takes the first offer given which does not include pain and suffering, lost of wages, or physical therapy costs. They end up signing away all their rights with a minimal offer, not realizing that they are leaving money on the table.
This is also not to say that one will become rich from a claim, but a fair offer can also get one what they are actually entitled to not what the insurance company decides.
So make 2017 the year where you have the best person on your side!