It’s never easy when fundamental changes are occurring in the work place, one’s marriages, and going through unexpected injury or immigration changes.  One of the best advice I received from legal professors was “when in doubt, ask. ” The worst that can happen is a no, but more often you learn something new, gain a new perspective or get more grounded in your beliefs.
Recently, I have fielded several calls on divorce, wrongful employment, and immigration concerns. Each time, I ask the party to check in with themselves to ensure they are OK with themselves. Courts are a slow process, and it can wear you down so the best thing one can do for themselves is ensure they have the proper support structure to surround themselves. Now I realize that in some cases, some parties truly feel alone, but there are organizations and activities one can do to distress themselves. Worry is just an illusion of doing something. Procrastination due to fear can lead to inaction which guarantees failure. So no matter the legal situation, pick up the phone and ask!