Since the Trump Administration has been in power, I get weekly calls from panicked people asking whether their status could be changed or taken away.  There also appears to be a push by agencies to deny extensions or ask more questions in regards to reasons why certain visa holders wish to stay.
The ones most fearful are the ones out of status, or here illegally. With daily news on a purported wall and higher change of raids, it is hard not to wonder what can happen. It is important to get the most information you can from someone who knows immigration law rather than just listening to news, or a non legal source.
Each matter is unique and even if it appears that one’s situation is similar to someone they know or know of, it is always best to get professional help. Most attorneys do not charge for an initial consult or a very low-cost. Regardless, it is always to best to get that peace of mind because there is nothing worse than feeling like an alien in a country that has always been open to immigration.