Today, I got the chance to go to a networking event where a lawyer explained the elements of a lawsuit. What he really honed in on, and I agreed with immediately is that communication is key when deciding to sue someone. A lawsuit should be the last resort in a disagreement that has caused monetary, physical or emotional loss. Many do not realize that even if attorneys cut their hourly rates or did the work pro bono, court courts could still be in the thousands of dollars in fees, bonds, and filings. Not too much the time.  It is easy to say “see you in court.” Yet there is more to that.
You better be right, and even if you are, the reality is that sometimes you won’t still wont recover what you lost or nothing at all. Don’t get me wrong. This is not to suggest to not seek legal help, however, it is not appropriate for all matters. Which is why communication is key. Only when communication has completely broken down should one consider taking it to the courts. Trust me, you don’t want to spend thousands of hours and dollars to be proven wrong especially if all it would have taken was a clear head and communication!