When getting injured in a workplace accident or other accidents alike, it can be difficult to shell out thousands of dollars to hire a lawyer. Often times, people end up digging themselves in a bigger hole when they are out of work due to injury. This is why some lawyers take on contingency fee agreements with their clients. 

Contingency fee agreements are beneficial to the client who lives paycheck to paycheck. The lawyer gets paid based on a percentage agreement, which is usually 33% to the attorney and the rest to the client. The attorney only gets paid if they settle the case. There are other fees that can be deducted from the ⅔ of the client’s settlement based on how much work had to be done before and after filing. 

It is important to discuss medical liens for incurred bills with your lawyer beforehand. These liens are paid off when the client receives a settlement. You are entitled to recover costs if your lawyer takes the case to trial and then loses. Always make sure to do your research when it comes to your lawyer’s track record of winning cases as you do not want to risk bearing the responsibility of paying of thousands of dollars on a lost case as a plaintiff.