1. Know the law. The Americans with Disabilities Act is a civil rights law that
prohibits discrimination based on a person’s disabilities. The law requires equal
access and use of goods, services, and facilities in places of public

2. Do not discriminate against individuals with disabilities. All individuals are to be
treated equally under the law.

3. Train your employees to appropriately interact with and assist individuals with

4. Ensure that your parking lots, entryways, restrooms and public spaces are
5. Identify specific steps or adjustments you will need to make reasonable
accommodations to provide equal opportunities.
6. Make reasonable accommodations in accordance with the law. Accommodations
beyond the law are not required.
7. Have specific hiring policies that focus on the applicants qualifications for the job
and avoid unlawful questions (relating to age, marital status, religious affiliation,

8. Address accommodation requests with the individual employee (or, if this is a
public space, each member of the public) to determine effective

9. Hire a compliance officer or a consultant to do a compliance review of your

10. Keep detailed records of any repairs or renovations to the facility and any visitor