This wednesday, Wednesday, March 11, 2020, I will be doing a keynote on this topic for free at my BNI group located at Rancho Southeast Association-Realtors (10900 183rd St Meeting Room, Cerritos, CA 90703) at 8am where I will cover the following topics in regards to Father’s Rights.

  1. Finances going through a divorce or custody battle
  2. Pitfalls to avoid
  3. Surrendering your rights unknowingly
  4. Not seeking modifications and its ramifications
  5. Going beyond Court ordered support and its impact

I chose this topic because too often, I hear fathers complain that the courts are biased against fathers or they are “pro-women” when, in reality, it’s usually because fathers are not aware of their rights and duties, and often get too focused on their former spouses and either do things that lead to sanctions or do nothing and allow their custody rights to be affected.

If you cannot attend, please email my team ( to get a free copy of the presentation and notes.