Photo by Daria Nepriakhina

  • The requirement that employers physically view remote workers’ documents for Form I-9 compliance has been suspended. Employers may view these documents in a digital format and will only need to comply with the physical inspection requirement once the employee can return to the worksite.
  • California’s expense reimbursement statute is still in full effect. This means that employers must reimburse employees for any necessary and reasonable expenditures incurred while performing their job duties. For remote workers this includes equipment, supplies and utilities such as phone and internet.
  • Employers must continue to maintain safe and respectful work environments. Provide ergonomic tips and consults with employees to ensure they have proper home office setups. Remind employees that although they’re at home, whenever they’re working, they’re considered to be at work and must therefore behave professionally and adhere to all relevant workplaces policies.
  • Employers should routinely stay up to date on the latest news in order to properly prepare for a return to the workplace, as well as administer any new laws that have passed since the COVID-19 pandemic started.